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As part of the engineering process we will analyze all structural load-bearing members and determine the required species, grade, size, etc., necessary to meet the applied loads.  We will prepare plans and specifications for floor and ceiling joists, rafters, beams, columns, etc., required to adequately support and transfer loads to the foundation.  All wood-product analysis is based on the most current version of the American Forest & Paper Association/American National Standards Institute National Design Specification for Wood Construction.  Steel product analysis is based on the American Institute of Steel Construction stan­dards.  For products provided by specific vendors or manufacturers analyses will be based on the vendor-provided, specific characteristics of those products.

In order to produce production drawings, we will require a full electronic set of floor plans and elevations in DWG format.  If products from a particular vendor or manufacturer are desired, we will specify those in our plans and specifications.  Otherwise, plans will specify members in terms of standard characteristics such as bending stress and modulus of elasticity.

Following the successful completion of the building structure, we will issue any required letters of compliance indicating the structure is in substantial confor­mance with the applicable building codes, minimum standards of practice de­scribed above, and the approved plans and specifications.

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