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Bay Area Engineering is a small firm dedicated to providing our clients exceptional quality through exceptional engineering. We limit the scope of our practice to residential construction so that we might stay at the very forefront of our area of expertise.  We also limit the number of clients we serve and believe you will be surprised by the level of commitment we make to your project.

Our Values

Our values guide our actions and are the foundation on which we base our practice.


Integrity - We believe that trust is the foundation of every relationship and that trust is earned through openness, honesty, and ethical behavior.  We do what we say we will do.  We have the courage to face problems and admit mistakes.  We treat others with dignity and respect.


Excellence We are committed to the highest standards in engineering and inspections.  Our decision-making is based on a rigorous assessment of facts and data and the application of sound engineering principles and practices.


Innovation While we are conservative in our approach, we constantly seek more effective ways to meet the needs of our customers.  We continuously pursue excellence and ingenuity through education and active participation in professional societies.


These Values are fundamental and enduring.  The circumstances surrounding a particular engagement do not change our values.  We seek relationships with those who share these values.

Our Vision

Our vision describes that to which we strive. 


Bay Area Engineering is recognized as the greater Bay Area’s preeminent provider of residential engineering design and inspection services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accomplish the following:


    Significantly improve the quality and value of residential construction

     Establish the benchmark for residential engineering design and inspections

     Maintain the highest standards of integrity and professional excellence

Our Company

Barry Boswell is the founder and president of Bay Area Engineering.  Barry is a licensed Professional Engineer approved by the Texas Department of Insurance to engineer, design, and inspect homes for windstorm compliance.  He is also a licensed Professional Real Estate Inspector.  He has over thirty years’ engineering and technical management experience with over twenty of those years managing complex programs and projects.


Barry’s hands-on construction experience began as a field superintendent with one of the largest home builders in the nation.  After completing an extensive training program he went on to complete hundreds of single-family homes in the Houston area and was ranked among the top five superintendents in Texas when he left the firm for a project management position.  As a project manager and project engineer in both single- and multi-family developments, Barry was again highly successful and developed exceptional skills in planning, organizing, negotiating, and executing complex projects.


Barry earned an undergraduate engineering degree from the United States Naval Academy in 1971, and completed a graduate engineering degree at the University of Houston in 1992.  He was licensed by Texas as a Professional Engineer in 1985.  Barry has completed over two hundred hours of formal training in real estate inspections and scored an impressive 95% on the state licensing exam - an exam that few manage to pass the first time.



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